LOGO is a

Tiny Artwork

Why Logo Important to business?


A logo is the brilliant of your brand identity. So a unique, memorable company logo design works as an effective brand-building tool. That's where our logo design services ensure to turn your precious ideas into a perfect logo.
Your company logo isn’t just a tiny artwork! In fact, it’s more than that. Your logo is the face of your brand that communicates on its behalf and helps build a strong identity to your business. Getting a customised logo design lets you use it on your various brand materials. You can use it on labels, websites, letterheads, business cards, social media, and packaging.
Remember, branding is everything. And a logo relevant to your business makes it even more stronger! A perfect logo design tells everyone what your business is all about in a single glance. As a leading logo design service provider, we ensure you get all the flexibility.

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Tips to consider while designing the Logo

Purpose of your logo

Do some groundwork before getting your logo designed. Analyse why you need a logo. A clear idea leads to a great design.

Type of logo

There are monogram logos, wordmarks, pictorial logos, Abstract logos, Mascots, Emblems and combination logos. Which type of logo do you want for your business?

Choose Perfect Color and Fonts

Colors and fonts are vital for logo design. Before designing logo, you must understand how color psychology and font selection work.

Use negative space

We incorporate it smartly to reflect your brand’s special meaning and message.

Logo maker or designer?

It's more important to use everything cohesively for your logo to be effective.

Select your logo revelant

Every brand has a story to tell, at TekHeist we deliver the story through design. We focus on delivering unique designs that are relevant to your business & to your customers