Things to Consider when we Planning a Website Design

Site Purpose

Before Choosing the template/ creating unique website, we must identify the purpose of the website. It includes all the key factors like Website features, Website Color and font Theme, Website pictures and so on..

Who is our target audience?

To be precious you cannot design the website with “everyone” in mind (that’s why there are so many different kinds of bikes, clothes, cars, etc.). If you identify and design to your top audiences, the site is more likely to accomplish your goal.

What actions will our audience want to perform when they visit our website?

For this question, we need to make sure to re-visit your objectives during the design and content creation processes to ensure that they are being met.

Responsive and User-friendly design

The website’s design should automatically re-sizes to fit the screen size on which it’s being viewed. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to retrofit an existing site with responsiveness; and it’s mostly more cost effective to do a complete new-design. These days our customers are viewing in different devices like Computers, Mobiles, Ian, TV and So on.. website should compatible with all of those.

Content should be fresh and get updated frequently

Let's imagine, if are going to E-Commerce site they are having only few outdated content. Why would we ever return after your first visit? We go back to e-commerce site over and over because of the new products.

Cost for Design & Development and site maintenance

There are two main costs associated with a website design: one is for site design & development and another one if for site maintenance. Site design & Development tends to be a minimum cost at TekHeist and we are providing zero cost Site maintenance for our clients.

Stuff to Show

Service based Website
Starts from ₹5,999
Restaurant Website
Starts from ₹5,999
E-Commerce Website
Starts from ₹9,999
Professional Website
Starts from ₹6,999
Blogging Website
Starts from ₹5,999
online Learning Website
Starts from ₹9,999
Gamer Website
Starts from ₹6,999

Features that can be integrated while designing the Website

Live Chat

Real time chatting with a customers on website not only builds customers confidence, but also helps to improve your conversion rate and creates a brand image.

Fast and Secure Website

Site speed and design are the most important ranking factors that the Google takes into its consideration, as they have the biggest asset of customer staying on site, TekHeist always relay on that.

Payment Gateway

Affordable web design services in India, includes payment gateway for easy online transfer from any customer account(debit, credit, Pay and so on…) to your account.

Social Media

Your social media presence doesn’t have to end on your social profile. By making your website more social media-friendly, you are reaching more & more potential customers online for more sales. TekHeist will help you to get more business from social media platform


SEO plays major role on digital Marketing, TekHeist can help you to achieve higher organic rankings and increased visibility in search results. Our digital marketing company performs extensive keyword research, contexts on-page and off-page optimisation and tracks your results with Google Search Console. These practices allow us to attract high-quality leads and traffic that increase your conversions as part of your marketing needs.

Custom Theme and Color

Custom Theme and Colors are playing vital role for designing a website. we must understand how color psychology and theme selection work.


Google Maps Optimization is playing vital role for your local marketing strategy.